Our criteria is based on best origins to breed beautiful

and noble Horses with functionality for Dressage.




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El Romerito

Caballos bellos, nobles y funcionales para la Doma

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NEWS - Stud  El Romerito, Best Livestock in  Ronda 2015    Read more...


We have undertaken a rigorous selection process in our stud since the beginning, to improve the bloodlines of our horses. We looking forward to breed horses with best qualities on Pure Breed Spanish Horse: Functionality for Dressage, Beauty and Nobility  of character



Direct origins in our livestock are based on three highlighted horses: Botijo II ( Mr. Jose Luis de la Escalera) Educado ( Mr. Salvador Guardiola Fantoni) y Utrerano VII (Mr. Miguel Bohórquez), and without forget that broodmares are very important too. 


In our Stud El Romerito, are in that continuous evolution process with the times, without forgetting the origin of our brand. We always looking for the perfect balance between morphological and functional. Highlighting the functionality because it was and it is our hallmark: the selection of useful horses for dressage and training in any equestrian discipline.

Our Stud has earned several awards for Functionality and Race in numerous competitions as recognition to our know-how



This is a visit to the awards received by our stud, both in morphology and functionality.
Origins and Future
Since D. Nicolás Romero began with the acquisition of the first breeding mares to breed with highlighted stallions, until today, moves us a future vision and passion for the Horse.


Selection Criteria
Our horses are breed in freedom in our large areas of "Cortijo Chillon" in Malaga.
This kind of breeding is an important value for their development, both physical and character.

Silvermoon Proyect

Looking for the improvement of the PRE. A future commitment to the Spanish sports horse

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Herrador XXIX

Functionality for sport.


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Livestock Horses

  • Americano XXXIIIA highlighted Horse


    Americano XXXIII is one of our qualified stallions in our Stud. Since beginnings he has gave us great satisfactions because his qualities.




    He transmitted his bloodline to his offspring strongly, as stallion. He is qualified as Recommended Stallion Young for Dressage.

  • HistoricalHorses of the beginnings

  • Bohemia LXIIOne of our Mares

    Bohemia LXII is one of our mares. She meets standards selection that our stud ask to our horses, both males or females


  • Herrador XXIXOne of our Champions


    Herrador XXIX is an example that  selection criteria of functionality is very important in our stud. He is the absolute champion of functionality in the Championship of Spanish Horses in Germany